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Siddur Shacharis Only - Medium Sefard Antique Leather Brown Hebrew Siddur Avodah Yesharah
Item #: K19AYAB
  • SIZE - large enough for clear bold text yet small enough for convenient handy use is what makes this weekdays siddur a perfect medium
  • Ribbon Bookmark - ribbon attached for bookmark purposes.
  • Painted Edges for decorative finish.
  • BINDING - brown antique leather cover with deluxe embossed design
  • CONTENTS - Shacharit only  Siddur for everydays morning prayers. This siddur includes every tefilh that is or could be said in the morning prayers, Sefer Tehillim,and a separate section in the back with assorted specialty prayers. Tefillos Uvos Al Banim, Tefillos Banim Al Uvos, Prayers for Parnassah, Tefillos Hashlu, Perek Shira, and much much more.
  • PAGES - 538 carefully chosen papers. Not too white nor too yellow - for perfect contrast. Not too shiny nor too dull - for most fluent and easy reading
  • LAYOUT - Hebrew text, clear and attractive layout
  • PERSONALIZE IT! Customize this Siddur with your custom logo, monogram, or text to make this Siddur an everlasting memory of your Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Shabbos gatthering, donation for shul, or any other event or Simcha

A Siddur that has it all! This siddur (prayer book) designed for morning services only, is a winner in the world of Judaica, and is a must for every Jewish home. It is a Weekday only Hebrew, great medium size, Sefard, brown antique leather Siddur. The sidur includes a complete guide for all your weekdaysshacharit prayers including Rosh Chodesh, Kriat Shema, Birchat Hamazon, Sheva Barachos, Brit Milah, and more. In addition, this siddur also contains a special section with Sefer Tehillim (psalm), for additional convenience. It is the Siddur that will be used again and again.

A special section in the back of the shacharit siddur with assorted Teffilos, Bakashos, Segulas, and Prayers. The perfect and most popular siddur for the Tallis bag.

The binding of this Siddur is beautiful brown antique leather cover, enhanced with an embossed sign. The attractive layout and crisp clear large fonts in this prayer book make it easy to navigate through the prayers. This Siddur is in Sefard nusach and all Hebrew text. The paper color and weight are meticulously chosen for the finest result in fluent prayer recitals.

Personalize this Siddur with your logo or monogram for an everlasting souvenir for your wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, sheva brachos, or any other simcha or event that your guest will cherish long after the event. Emboss your name on the Siddur for a personal Siddur. Standard Personalization on this Siddur is free.

Dimensions: 5" x 7"
List Price: $100.00
Our Price: $75.00
You Save: $25.00
In Stock : Yes
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Name Stamping Foil Gold (Per Volume) $6
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Die Including a logo up to 5x7 (Per Volume) $75
Special Embossing die up included to 5x7 (Per Volume) $150

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